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Specifically designed for independent booksellers, IndieCommerce (IC) is a full featured e-commerce solution with powerful online marketing tools.

IndieLite (IL) offers the minimal e-commerce essentials for a low-cost web presence that is simple to maintain.

  IndieCommerce IndieLite
Monthly Fee $175 $50
Monthly 1% Commission Yes Yes
Set-Up Fee No No
Site, Domain, SSL etc    
Site URL Custom Sub-domain
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
Shopping Cart / Checkout    
Secure cart and checkout Yes Yes
Collapsed checkout panes Yes Yes
Abandoned Cart Management Yes No
Checkout Stepper Yes Yes
Additional checkout panes Yes Yes (Limited)
Order comments Yes Yes
Payment method - Credit card Yes Yes
Save customer credit card profiles Yes No
Payment method - Pay at store Yes Yes
Payment method - Paypal Yes No
House Account, PO, GC, OOGC Yes No
In-Store/Curbside Pickup Yes Yes (Limited)
Custom shipping methods Yes Yes (Pre-defined methods, stores can set rates)
Custom order email/invoice Yes No
Address Book Yes Yes
Preferred Name Yes No
International Orders Yes No
'Source' based and 'Destination' based sales tax Yes Yes
Tax Exempt Yes No
Theme, templates etc    
Responsive and mobile friendly Yes Yes
Multiple site design templates Yes No
Color wheel Yes(some templates) Yes
Custom template Yes No
Permission to create Rules Yes No
Unlimited admin roles Yes No (Only Store Admin and Order Admin)
Customer roles Yes No
Bulk upload of store and customer roles Yes No
Book data and inventory    
Inventory of 12-13 million titles Yes Yes
Non-book Sidelines (Ingram M & T) Yes Yes
Related Editions Yes Yes
Other Books in Series Yes No
Discount / Mark Up prices Yes Yes
Create book lists Yes Yes
Bulk upload of book lists Yes No
Sell pre-order titles Yes Yes (Limited)
Create additional retail inventory Yes No
Sell titles not currently in stock at Ingram Yes Yes
Staff reviews Yes Yes (Limited)
Sync Local Store Inventory Yes No
Sync Non-Book Local Store Inventory Yes No
Stock file validation Yes No
Limit availability to store's primary & secondary warehouses Yes No
Limit online purchases to books in stock at the store Yes No
Not For Sale Yes Yes
Search, Browse etc    
Optimized book search Yes Yes
Predictive Search Yes Yes
Browse, with option to select categories Yes Yes
Other content included in search Yes No
Customizable search weights Yes No
Advanced Search Yes No
Custom Products    
Create products manually Yes No
Bulk upload Yes No
Store Books Yes No
Sell custom products online Yes No
Update and monitor stock Yes No
Gift Cards / Online Gift Codes Yes Yes (Gift cards only)
Donations Yes Yes
Content - Store supplied content    
Events calendar Yes Yes (Limited)
Upcoming Events Yes Yes (Limited)
Recurring Events Yes No
Blogs Yes Yes
Contact Yes Yes
Wish lists / Gift Registries Yes Yes (Limited)
Webforms Yes No
Taxonomy Yes No
Content - Provided by IC / ABA    
Indie Next List Yes Yes
Indie Bestsellers Yes Yes
Indie Kids Next List Yes Yes
Reading Group Indie Next List Yes Yes
Indie Next List Banner Ads Yes Yes
Literary Hub's Reviews by Book Marks Yes Yes
Regional Holiday Catalog Yes Yes
ABC Catalog Yes Yes
Privacy & Security Policy Yes Yes
Refund Policy Yes Yes
Login using email / username Yes No (Only username)
SEO tools Yes Yes
Social media integration Yes Yes
Email Sign up Pop-ups Yes Yes
Google Analytics Yes Yes
Affiliate program Yes No
Custom Customer Groups Yes No
Discount Coupons Yes Yes (Limited)
Disqus and Comments Yes No
Multiple Outlet Locations Yes No
Preview New Features Yes No
Order Management    
Editing an order Yes Yes
Manual order creation by store Yes Yes
Send orders to Ingram Yes Yes
Send Pre-orders to Ingram Yes No
Multiple order fulfillment options Yes No
Bulk Order Processing Yes No
Bulk Invoice Printing Yes Yes
Pick List for Store Order Processing Yes Yes
Create custom order workflow Yes No
Shipping Export Tools Yes Yes
Gift Invoice Yes No
Export online orders to POS Yes No
Apply coupon discounts Yes Yes (Limited)
Order report Yes Yes
Sales report Yes Yes
Money management report Yes Yes
Customer email export Yes Yes
Wish list report Yes No
Coupon usage report Yes Yes
'New' Customer Report Yes Yes
Third Party Services    
Kobo ebooks Yes Yes audio books Yes Yes
HummingbirdDM ebooks Yes Yes